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Laughing, crying, freaking out. It doesn't matter. It's about feelings, emotions, impact! We want to tell stories that move people, make them think. But also entertain them, inspire them. To rethink entrenched structures, to give hope or consolation. That's our vision, that's why we make movies.

HADIFILM was founded in 2014 while studying at the HFF Munich and realises feature film projects at home and abroad. These have received several awards and nominations, e.g. the German Short Film Award, the Sehsüchte Producer Award and the German Camera Award.

Together with authors, we develop a wide variety of material, from drama to horror and comedies. Free of restrictive formats, we give the ideas room to develop, to grow, until they have found the right and appropriate concept and can go on their journey. 

In doing so, we are always driven by the human being as the centre of all action: narratively and in collaboration.