Wir Vier
Wir Vier
Wir Vier
Wir Vier
Wir Vier

The four of us

The four friends Chiara, Cem, Jan and Thorsten have just graduated from high school. Freedom, independence and endless fun seem to lay ahead. They decide to celebrate their graduation on the cottage of Cem‘s grandparents instead of going with their classmates to Korfu. Their plan is to spend a few nice days in the isolation of the austrian alps to party and enjoy freedom. Cem also wants to come closer to Chiara. Everything seems to be going according to plan, but at once the situation gets out of control.

A compelling glance at a crack in their friendship, guilt and power.


75 min, 2013

director & script

Alexander Mayer


Jan Linnartz

produced by


ivory productions


Tuna Ünal

Matthias Britschgi

Andreas Unruh

Annina Euling